Enterprise Solutions

1ITS Circle L.L.C. offers complete Enterprises solutions for new as well as old business setups for giving them a new look and restructuring to compete in the market.

Business License

ITS Circle L.L.C. assists you in obtaining Business License for new business establishments within the United Arab Emirates.

Business Sponsorship

ITS Circle L.L.C. arranges sponsor for your business establishment in the United Arab Emirates for making it more secure in the country.

Furnished offices

ITS Circle L.L.C. provides Furnished offices with complete infrastructure including furniture, IT installations etc. for easy establishment of your business.

Office Supplies

ITS Circle L.L.C. provides all kinds of office supplies to your business including stationary, computers, printing material etc. at your doorstep.

Promotional Items / Souvenirs

ITS Circle L.L.C. prepares promotional items for your business which market your products/services. We also prepare souvenirs for your business at special occasions or at your demand.

Provision of Human Resource

ITS Circle L.L.C. provides Human Resource to your business with skilled and unskilled professionals matching your demands and having ability to take your business at new heights.